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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for taking the time to read this page. Hopefully, this should give you a pretty good idea of what we do and how you can use this site to buy a cell phone!

I don't get it. What's about, anyway? is a website that's designed to help you shop for mobile phones on eBay. eBay not only sells more cell phones than any other store, it has the reputation of providing extremely discounted items - sometimes as much as 75% off the retail price.

However, shopping on eBay isn't as easy or as safe as it should be. There are some unscrupulous sellers out there, counterfeit products, and some shady business practices.

And that's where we come in!

We created PhoneMatchup from our experiences in trying to find and purchase cell phones on eBay. We took everything that we learned in the process and wrote up a website that visits hundreds of cell phone auctions each day, filters out the good from the bad, and gives you the results.

How do you use this site?

It's easy! Just find a phone that you're interested in, take a look at some basic statistics (average price, high/low, etc) and then check out available auctions. They're sorted by price, so you can find the cheapest auctions pretty easily.

And what's this BETA business?

PhoneMatchup is currently in BETA status, which basically means we're open but still adding more features, more phones, and more of pretty much everything. Right now we're working on creating a way to find a cell phone that matches you (hence the name of this site!), and some other very cool additions.

More questions still to come! Stay tuned...

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